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Best practices

Here are some best practice and tips & tricks you can use to get the best of Altoviz API.

Updating the right way

You might think that to update a entity, you just have to call the corresponding update API and that's all.
Be careful ! This will override all entity values with the new ones including the fact that none provided values will get default values.

So, the good practice is to :

  1. get the entity values from the server
  2. update the entity with new values
  3. post the updated entity to the server

Stop polling and use webhooks

Polling servers is something you should avoid at much as possible. It's good for nobody. It consumes precious resources unnecessarily.
Instead of sending requests in a loop, just setup a webhook. You'll get notified when needed. The planet and our servers will you 🌳.
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Check webhooks calling IPs

You should verify that the servers calling your URL is part of the IP pool of Altoviz API.
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Check the Altoviz certificate

You might want to very that the server you're sending data to is one of Altoviz servers. Use the Altoviz public key for that.
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